The ETHOS Academy Analytics Program is structured upon the philosophy that evaluating the effectiveness of training through evidence-based practices is paramount in 21st Century Law Enforcement. The ETHOS Consulting Team utilizes a pre-training survey that has been implemented to numerous law enforcement organizations, providing valuable analytics to the leadership team. The results are evaluated by the ETHOS Consulting Team and provided to the leadership team of an organization which gives the leadership a high level of understanding about the status of their agency. This individualized and detail-oriented approach allows leaders to make more informed decisions.

  • The ETHOS Analytics Program is an on-line survey incorporated into the Adaptive Ethics virtual training. The survey is developed by the ETHOS Consulting Team with input from the training agency.
  • Agency leaders receive the Post-Training Leadership Report with analysis from Dr. Carter, benchmarks, and takeaways incorporated. The Agency also receives a recommended 5-year Ethics and Leadership Training Plan.

Sample Baseline Report

Training and evaluation provided by the ETHOS Consulting Team is not about just checking a box. We are committed to establishing “ethical longevity” in each of your valued employees. The ETHOS Consulting Team believes in combining real life experience, adaptive teaching methods, and educational scrutiny knowing the complex challenges leaders face with 21st Century Policing. This report is designed to provide senior-level executives with current information that relates to the status and change in the ethical longevity, and the leadership goals and values of the employees within the agency reviewed. Click the report below to download a sample Baseline Report.

On-Site Training

The ETHOS Academy on-site training brings our proven Adaptive Ethics and Leadership Development Programs to your organization in a classroom setting utilizing a dynamic multimedia presentation coupled with our ethics and leadership workbook drills. This training is delivered in 3-hour small group presentations to maximize employee learning and participation to ignite cultural change and build ethical longevity.