Adaptive Ethics

New for 2022

The ETHOS Academy Adaptive Ethics Program is based upon thousands of hours of research and practical application. Law Enforcement organizations face complex challenges that require ethical leaders who act with moral courage to enhance public trust. $99

Leadership Development

New for 2022

The ETHOS Academy Leadership Development Program recognizes that leadership training provides purpose, direction, and motivation enabling employees to act with moral courage. Leadership training empowers ALL members of an organization at every level. $99

Lifelong Learner

The ETHOS Academy Lifelong Learner Program incorporates accountability, engagement, and commitment, to develop ethical leaders who enhance teams and strengthen organizations through the execution of “self-leadership”. $150

Ethics and Leadership Bundle

The ETHOS Academy Ethics and Leadership Bundle provides the foundation of wellness for organizations through the implementation of the Adaptive Ethics and Leadership Development Programs. These programs are designed to create ethical employees who practice self-leadership to act with moral courage building a culture of integrity to better serve their communities. $150